XTdb: Data Logging and 
Graphing for XTension

version 1.1 build 47


XTdb is an addon program for XTension and X2Web that provides automatic data logging and real time graphing of the data your system is collecting. It is used for the motion reports that X2web creates and the unit history data. Graphs can be created live as data is captured and saved to disk for browsing later locally or over the web if you save to the web directory.

XTdb can graph and auto range any number of lines and supports 2 unit ranges for graphing of data of differing units.

Though XTdb is specifically designed to work with XTension with no setup required, you can use AppleScript to log data from any application for graphing.

XTdb will create motion reports for XTension and X2Web for free, however if you wish to use the graphing features without the program adding the DEMO watermark you’ll need to purchase a serial number.

Download: XTdb v1.1 (5.7m)

Purchase: XTdb for $24.95 usd