X2Web: Web Control for XTension

version 4.0

Though the package includes many additions specifically for talking to the XTension home automation program X2Web is really an AppleScript web development system allowing you to use the simple AppleScript language to develop interactive web applications. The package also includes the “instantx” pages which can be used to setup your own custom interface without writing a line of html or applescript code if you dont want to.

Since it’s all AppleScript based and designed for plugin developers you can develop your own screens for any program or device on the Mac that is scriptable.

The instantx pages include support for remote control and management of all your XTension units, listening to phone messages left on the Ovolab Phlink phone interface, remote viewing of video streams and control of remote camera mounts, special templates for perimeter alarm status and much more!

X2Web 4 requires MacOS 10.3 or better (10.5+ recommended) and XTension version 6 or better. You may try the program for free but it will occasionally reply with a nag screen to ask politely that you purchase it rather than the page you expected. Motion reports also require XTdb.

Download: X2Web 4.0 (9.4 meg)

Purchase: X2Web 4 for $39.95