Weeder Data Acquisition Plugin for XTension

version 1.0

The Weeder Data Acquisition plugin provides XTension support for the Digital IO and Analog Input modules from Weeder Technologies. These are industrial process control quality data acquisition modules yet still priced in a range that makes them a valid option to less reliable, hobby level devices.

The weeder plugin can be used to connect any number of the supported cards. The RS232 serial connections can be extended far from the host computer without risking data problems, unlike USB data capture boards.

The weeder plugin ships in demo mode with XTension 6.0 and will run for 1 hour in any given XTension session for testing prior to purchase. The plugin can be purchased for $39.95 usd from paypal. This software requires XTension 6.0 or greater. The weeder devices may require 1 or more USB/Serial adaptors.

Download the weader readme

Weeder Plugin for XTension        $39.95 usd