UPS Monitor Plugin for XTension

version 1.0

The UPS Monitor plugin coupled with an OSX supported UPS device gives you reliable information about the AC power state as well as the battery charge and time remaining till the UPS shuts down. Most UPS devices with a USB interface are supported out of the box, no drivers necessary.

If you happen to be running XTension on a powerbook or macbook then the plugin will do the same for the internal battery.

The UPS Monitor is included in the 6.0 version of XTension and needs only a serial number to unlock it from demo mode. Prior to purchasing the plugin will run for one hour in any given XTension session so you can check to be sure that it works with your particular UPS before purchasing.

UPS Monitor costs $10USD and can be purchased through paypal. I will send your serial number via email. The plugin is unlocked by going to the File menu and selecting the “Enter Plugin Serial Numbers” menu item.

Download the UPS Monitor Readme.pdf.

UPS Monitor Plugin for XTension        $10 usd