Macintosh Shareware:


XTension 6.0

Home Automation, lighting control, security, remote control, remote internet monitoring and much more!

acgi dispatcher 3.0fc1

Lets you write traditional “acgi” applications in Applescript like you could in OS9 now on OSX using the apache web server.

Older Projects

Some older projects, specifically Whistle Blower, are currently getting a major overhaul along with more recent offerings. Please check back or email me with questions. At this moment in time I am unable to assign a release date for the universal version of Whistle Blower, but development has restarted.

Macintosh Freeware:

iWeb RSS Fixer

Little app to edit the rss links in iWeb’s “Publish To Folder” option so that you can upload the individual site folders to separate virtual host folders on the server.

XTension Plugins:

   • RFX Receiver Plugin

   • Weeder Data Acquisition Plugin

   • UPS Monitor Plugin

   • Maxsonar Plugin

X2Web 4.0

Web based remote control for XTension. An Applescript based backend to web 2.0 development.

XTdb 1.0

Data logging, motion reports and graphing for XTension.