Remote One Connection for Macintosh:

Memorial Hospital in Savannah GA has a Citrix based remote login solution for the doctors to use to get patient information. You’d think that since the Macintosh citrix client is 100% compatible with the windows version that you would have no trouble connecting to this system with your Mac, but you’d be wrong. The hospital has decided to use the java based Citrix client for windows, which does not work on the Mac. For the Mac it sends you a standard citrix connection document which you can just double click. The problem is that when connecting from Safari their custom singon software is not smart enough to know it’s a Mac and it tries to send you to the Windows page. You have to use either the Mac version of Internet Explorer, or the Firefox browser to connect and not Safari. Once you log into their system with one of these browsers you will be sent a connection document that will work with the Mac version of Citrix.


The Second Problem: The Missing Security Certificate!

Memorial has chosen to use a custom security certificate for the encryption of the Citrix connection. For some time they made this document available on their website for download, but a recent update has removed the link rendering it impossible for any Mac user to connect. Luckily I have saved this and will happily provide it via email to any docs wishing to connect. I have spoken to the IT department and I believe that they too will be able to supply it but you’ll have to work to get in touch with someone that doesn’t just tell you it wont work and to buy a Windows PC instead. It actually does work just fine. Please email me and I will forward you the certificate document necessary.

Installing the certificate:

Copy the “CA Verisign.cer” into the location as shown in the image above and finally when you click the connection document as downloaded from the Remote One website you’ll find that you are connected and that everything is working as perfectly as if you were connecting from Windows.

Supporting the Mac on purpose here would be extremely simple, just giving out these instructions, so be sure to mention to the IT guys how simple it was for you to get yourself up and running and perhaps some day they will fix the broken signon code.

St Joe’s Hospital Works the Same Way!

But without the annoying headaches of installing extra certificates or using IE to connect. Perhaps some competition between their IT departments can be started to get Memorial to bring their setup up to speed with the competitors in town ;)

Just remember to be very suspicious whenever anybody tells you that you can’t do something on your Mac... Most cases it’s like this case and it’s just not true.