RFX Plugin for XTension

version 1.0

The RFX devices from www.rfxcom.com are very versatile receivers and are now fully supported by XTension. They have the ability to receive regular X10 remotes and security devices, but with this plugin you can receive the more exotic devices that they can receive such as the Oregon Scientific wireless sensors. The XTension page on these receivers is here.

This plugin is not necessary to receive only the X10 devices, but only for the long list of other devices that the receiver supports. See the XTension page and their own page for more info on the range of devices. Some of the oregon devices are here, and the cent-a-meter power usage meter here.

XTension currently supports the USB model for direct connections as well as the Ethernet models for remote installs. If you wish to have more than one connected to the same computer the ethernet model is required. Both models can be purchased with either the regular X10 310mhz receiver, and/or the 433 mhz receiver which is necessary to receive european X10 devices and the oregon scientific devices. This plugin requires that your device have at least the 433 mhz receiver in it. If you are purchasing the lan/ethernet model you want to make sure it’s the “1 com port” or “single com port” model.

The plugin is already included in XTension version 6 so no further download or install is necessary.

RFX Plugin for XTension        $39.95 usd