Max Sonar Plugin for XTension

version 1.0

The Max Sonar plugin for XTension provides support for the range of Max Sonar range finder devices. They are capable of measuring distance from 6 to 255 inches and can connect to the host computer via a regular serial adaptor.

They do require a bit of work on the users part to get setup. 3 wires to solder to the DB9 plug from your USB/Serial adaptor, but anyone with any soldering iron experience at all should be able to handle it. The through holes on the board are clearly marked and easy to connect to. I mounted my own into surface mount phone jack cases that look like this:

As an example of what they are good for I have mine mounted on the underside of the garage door openers in my garage. They measure the distance to the ground, or the top of the car. I can tell if a car is actually present in the garage and which car is parked where. It helps the computer know if anybody is at home and which one of us is still out in the evening. Much more detail on the setup and construction of the device at the article at

Max Sonar is made by Maxbotix and can be purchased through various robotic or hobby outlets including

The MaxSonar plugin is included in the 6.0 version of XTension and needs only a serial number to unlock it from demo mode. Prior to purchasing the plugin will run for one hour in any given XTension session so you can check to be sure it will do what you want prior to purchasing.

The MaxSonar plugin costs $39.95 USD and can be purchased through paypal. You will receive your serial number via email. The plugin is unlocked by going to the File menu and selecting the “Enter Plugin Serial Numbers” menu item.

UPDATE: 2/28/2012 This interface in XTension is now updated to support connections to TCP/Ethernet to serial adaptors like those in the Barix Barionet devices or the Wiznet boards.

Max Sonar Plugin for XTension        $39.95 usd